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WD Strategies is a business consultancy

WD Stategies

Build A Powerful Digital Footprint

W.D. Strategies is made up of entrepreneurs, website and application developers, marketing professionals, designers, and, above all else – solution providers.

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WD Strategies is a full-service business consultancy that has dedicated, specialized team members to help you at each step of your business journey. Our areas of expertise cover:

  • Website Design and Development

  • Mobile Application Development

  • SEO and Content Marketing

  • Digital Advertising Strategy and Management

  • Strategy Consulting

Accolades & Certifications

We challenge our entire team to remain at the forefront of the design, marketing, and development industries. We are recognized as partners with many elite solution providers, and have been touted for our ability to provide premier service by different organizations.

WD Strategies is a Wix Legend Partner

Wix Legend Partner

WD Strategies is recognized as a Wix Partner because of our experience developing on the platform.

Editor X certification for WD Strategies

Editor X-Certified Designer

WD Strategies is is a certified Editor X agency with Wix - meaning our designers are proficient with modern tools available.

Elementor expert badge for wd strategies

Elementor Agency Expert

We’re an Expert Partner of Elementor, a design tool that we incorporate into WordPress sites.

Flywheel Agency Partner Badge for WD Strategies

Flywheel Agency Partner

Agency Partner of Flywheel, a hosting service with whom we work to deliver high-performance WordPress-based websites.

Wix is a velo certified developer

Velo-Certified Developer

We are Velo Certified Developers, demonstrating our technical expertise in Wix-based code solutions.

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ReConvert Agency Partner

Agency Partner of ReConvert, an e-commerce solution that enhances sites built on Wix and Shopify by helping to upsell customers.

Top-Ranked Design & Development Company

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Get Started with W.D. Strategies

Kick off your next project–whether you’re building a website, launching a campaign, or something else–by connecting with us for a complimentary consultation with our team.

Developing a Digital Footprint Takes Mastering Different Areas

W.D. Strategies leverages its internal talent and peripheral network to tackle a variety of business-related projects. We’ll work with you every step of the way and match you with the appropriate personnel to succeed.

strategic planning services

Strategic planning

Our team has experience working with teams of all sizes and backgrounds. We’ll work with you to develop an attack plan to grow your company.

website design services

Website design, management, & migration

We’ll help you improve your current site or build one from the ground up – whichever your team needs!

marketing consultation services

Marketing consultation

We’ll help your team with everything from creating content, like blogs, graphics, or video, to designing custom high-level branding or SEO strategies – and everything in between.

search engine services

Search engine optimization

We work with you to drive more free traffic by optimizing pages, products, and blog posts for better online visibility. We also set up different listings required to get found on Google.

mobile application development and prototyping

Rapid mobile & web app prototyping

Our team can design a functional prototype that’s accessible on iOS, Android, and web within a fraction of the time it takes to develop traditional applications.

Result-Oriented Approach to Digital Projects & Strategy

We’re passionate about helping businesses tackle a variety of challenges from the initial website setup to optimizing for online visibility, conducting online advertising campaigns, developing more efficient process, and more.

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Projects completed in the last year

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Serving clients in countries

What Client Say

I would absolutely work with [W.D. Strategies] again. The work was fast and exactly what I asked for. It is nice to know that I can rely on [them] in the future for things that I don't know how to do on my website. Thanks!


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