W.D. is able to leverage its internal talent and wide-ranging network to tackle a variety of business-related projects. We'll work with you every step of the way and match you with the appropriate personnel to succeed.


Build a Digital Home for Your Business

Whether your dream is creating an e-commerce site, blog, media page, or lead generation tool, our team can help. We'll help you construct the website your business has been looking for or help you modify your existing page. 

We'll also stick with you to continually monitor status and make adjustments as needed. 

Website Projects and Translations Available in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Spanish, or French


Easily-Digestible Business Intelligence

Part of our network includes world-class data analytics professionals that help create a custom dashboard that provides insight on where your best leads are coming from. Then our team will help analyze the numbers and turn them into actionable items to drive future decisions.


Grow Your Business

Our team has experience working with and being part of teams that range from startups to international corporations. We'll work with you to develop an attack plan to grow your company.


Create Meaningful Relationships with Customers

We'll help your team with everything from creating content, like blogs, graphics, or video, to designing custom high-level branding or SEO strategies - and everything in between.


The Fastest Way to Test Pilot Your Idea

How do you launch an app company if you lack the development skills or sufficient capital to hire a full team? Getting an MVP (minimally viable product) is a time-tested way for entrepreneurs to prove concepts and raise funds. Our team can design a functional prototype that's accessible on iOS, Android, and web within a fraction of the time it takes to develop traditional applications - and within most startups' price range.


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