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Advanced Manufacturing Site

Advanced Manufacturing Site

We developed a more responsive site for a client looking to enhance their visual brand identity.

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Full Site Construction
Website Development
Mobile Optimization
Website Migration
Site Redesign


Database Setup
Responsive Design

In developing the Webflow website, we followed a comprehensive process to ensure its responsiveness. We initiated the project with meticulous planning and then utilized Webflow's visual editor to design our web pages. To achieve responsiveness, we employed CSS media queries to adapt the layout and styling to different screen sizes. We also carefully optimized images and assets to reduce loading times on various devices. Our approach involved creating a mobile-first design, focusing on small screens before scaling up to larger ones. We incorporated flexible grids and relative units (such as percentages and ems) to ensure elements adjust smoothly across breakpoints. Additionally, we fine-tuned typography and font sizes for readability on all devices. The result is a technically proficient, responsive website that delivers an exceptional user experience.

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