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Dr. Wei-Chung Wang is an accomplished college professor and administrator, an experienced

marketing and finance professional, and a successful entrepreneur that oversees and grows a

multinational business. Dr. Wang started his career as a college professor in a large research

university in Asia and later worked for a Big Four accounting firm in its Los Angeles office as a

Transfer Pricing Economist. From 2007 to 2010, he helped multinational enterprises address

their transfer pricing issues, including cross-border tangible and intangible goods transactions.

He also provided advice to several economic consulting projects, assisting his clients to solve

operational matters including data mining and analysis and forecast modeling. He was also a

part of the engagement team that provided advice to companies with wage and working hour

disputes that fall under the Fair Labor Standards Acts.

In early 2011, Dr. Wang co-founded Kdan Mobile Software, a multinational SaaS company, as

Vice President of Global Marketing and Strategy. With that role, Dr. Wang leads the company’s

marketing division and provides strategic planning and international tax advice to the company.

In 2013, Dr. Wang assumed the role of General Manager in charge of expanding Kdan's

footprints into the US market. Dr. Wang is currently a member of the company board.

In 2014, the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania issued a commendation to acknowledge and

praise Dr. Wang's work in providing consultation services to Fuling Plastics USA, a subsidiary of

a Chinese company, and help Fuling grow in the US market. Fuling Plastics is now a Nasdaq-

listed company (NASDAQ: FORK).

Besides the consulting skills, Dr. Wang has extensive teaching experiences, covering subjects in

the field of Business and Economics. In his teaching career, Dr. Wang had taught in National

Chung Hsing University (Taiwan), Tunghai University (Taiwan), University of California at Irvine,

Orange Coast College (California), and Juniata College (Pennsylvania). Dr. Wang currently holds

the title of Associate Provost for Academic Initiatives and is a tenured Business and Economics

professor at Juniata College, a nationally ranked Tier 1 liberal arts institution. In his capacity of

Associate Provost, Dr. Wang demonstrates strong professionalism and has experiences building

connections with higher education institutions overseas as well as establishing innovative

academic programs.

In April 2020, Dr. Wang started WD Strategies, a business intelligence advisory firm that helps

businesses enhance their competitive position in the post-Covid environment. WD Strategies

provides its clients with digital marketing, finance, and general business consultation services.

Dr. Wang is an academically trained Economist and obtained both his MA and Ph.D. in

Economics from

The University of California, Irvine.

Highlights of Dr. Wang's Professional Experiences

• Educated in both Asia and the US, received a Ph.D. from a renowned US institution (UC

Irvine is ranked as a Tier 1 research university and a Top 10 public university in the 2015 US

News and World Report College Ranking)

• 10 plus years of teaching and research experience in the fields of business and

economics in research institutions, a community college, and a liberal arts institution in the US

and Asia

• Awarded tenure in a Tier 1 liberal arts institution

• Publishing records in peer-reviewed journals with a strong grant writing and winning


• Over 3 years of professional experience in a Big Four accounting firm in the US,

specializing in providing economic and financial analysis on cross-border tangible and intangible

transactions covering finance, technology, automobile, nutrition, pharmaceutical, distribution,

and stevedoring industries

• Significant debt valuation experience in the context of IRC Section 482

• Significant economic and data analysis experience. Assisting various clients with

litigation support and data mining issues

• Recognized by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the significant contribution of

promoting international trade opportunities in the State of Pennsylvania (official letter)

• Significant entrepreneurial experience in the mobile software industry

• On-going management and board responsibilities with a start-up, multinational,

software company

• Strong understanding of the cultural differences between the East and West. Hold dual

citizenship of the US and Taiwan


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