June 1, 2024

Building a Holistic Online Presence for a Multimedia Firm

Building a Holistic Online Presence for a Multimedia Firm

Client ABC's goal of creating a stronger online presence sat at the intersection of web design, digital marketing, & content creation.

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Client ABC, a prominent video production company based in Atlanta and Sandy Springs, GA, sought to expand their digital presence to reflect their industry leadership and attract new clientele. 

As a business with over ten years of experience, Client ABC specializes in crafting exceptional video content that helps businesses and organizations tell their stories in a meaningful way. The team, composed of SCAD-educated professionals, is committed to delivering the highest quality results on every project. 

Despite their strong reputation and expertise, Client ABC's online presence was minimal and outdated, which limited their ability to reach new customers effectively.


WD Strategies was engaged to achieve the following objectives for Client ABC:

  1. Enhance Brand Awareness: Increase the visibility of Client ABC's services online.
  2. Develop a New Website: Create a modern, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized website.
  3. Implement a Social Media Strategy: Build a robust social media presence to engage with potential clients.
  4. Optimize Search Engine Presence: Improve organic search rankings to drive more traffic.
  5. Launch Targeted Advertising Campaigns: Reach specific market segments effectively through paid ads.


Website Development

Client ABC's original website, built on WordPress, was dated and did not effectively showcase their services or portfolio. WD Strategies recommended migrating to Wix Studio due to its user-friendly interface and robust CMS capabilities, which suited Client ABC's needs without requiring advanced technical features like e-commerce. 

The new site needed to support service listings, portfolio showcases, client testimonials, and the ability to easily add new content at scale.

  1. Migration and Design:some text
    • Migration: The first step was to migrate all existing content from the WordPress site to Wix Studio. This included text, images, videos, and metadata to ensure SEO continuity.
    • Design: A fresh, modern design was created to reflect Client ABC's brand identity. The design incorporated clean lines, intuitive navigation, and visually appealing elements that highlighted their video production work.
  2. Content Management System (CMS):some text
    • User-Friendly Interface: Wix Studio's intuitive CMS allowed Client ABC to easily manage their content, including adding new projects, updating service information, and posting testimonials.
    • Scalability: The CMS was set up to support the addition of new content at scale, ensuring that the website could grow alongside the business.
  3. Third-Party Integrations:some text
    • Google Reviews Integration: To build trust and provide social proof, a third-party software was integrated to stream up-to-date Google reviews directly onto the website. This feature allowed prospective customers to see recent feedback and testimonials.

Social Media Strategy

Building a robust presence across various social media platforms was essential for Client ABC to engage with their audience and expand their reach. WD Strategies implemented a comprehensive social media strategy across multiple platforms that included the development of digital content.

  1. Content Creation:some text
    • Video Reels: Leveraging Client ABC's raw footage, WD Strategies created engaging video reels for Instagram. These reels showcased the company's work, provided behind-the-scenes glimpses, and highlighted client success stories.
    • Static Posts: Regular static posts were created for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These posts included project updates, client testimonials, and industry insights, designed to engage both B2C and B2B audiences.
  2. Platform Management:some text
    • Instagram and Facebook: These platforms were used to reach a broader audience, particularly targeting individuals seeking wedding videography and other personal projects.
    • LinkedIn: Given Client ABC's expansion into the corporate sector, LinkedIn was a critical platform for engaging with business clients and showcasing their corporate video production capabilities.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing

To help Client ABC reach the top of the search engine results page for various target keywords, WD Strategies focused on SEO and content marketing.

  1. On-Page SEO:some text
    • Keyword Optimization: The website's content was optimized with relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility. This included service pages, portfolio descriptions, and blog posts.
    • Meta Tags and Descriptions: Meta tags, descriptions, and alt texts were optimized to enhance search engine indexing and ranking.
  2. Content Marketing:some text
    • Monthly Blog Posts: WD Strategies produced monthly blog posts on topics relevant to video production and storytelling. Each piece of content was designed to provide value to readers and improve search engine rankings.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

To reach specific market segments, WD Strategies launched targeted advertising campaigns on Google.

  1. Market Segmentation:some text
    • Wedding Photography and Videography: Ads targeted individuals looking for wedding-related services, highlighting Client ABC's expertise in capturing special moments.
    • Corporate Videography: Ads targeted businesses looking for professional video production services, showcasing Client ABC's capabilities in creating corporate videos.
  2. Campaign Performance:some text
    • Google Ads: The initial ads were launched with a focus on both segments. The campaign achieved 2,220 impressions with 173 clicks, resulting in a CTR of 7.79% (higher than industry averages) and a CPC of $2.64.
    • Corporate Segment Success: The corporate segment showed significant interest, with 150 out of the 173 clicks coming from corporate searches. This segment had a CTR of 7.67%, indicating strong engagement from the business community.


The comprehensive strategy implemented by WD Strategies led to substantial improvements in Client ABC's online presence and business outcomes.

  1. Increased Website Traffic:some text
    • Organic Traffic: SEO efforts resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic, with more users finding Client ABC through search engines.
    • Paid Traffic: Targeted ad campaigns drove high-quality traffic to the website, particularly from the corporate segment.
  2. High On-Page Engagement:some text
    • User Engagement: The new website's design and content led to higher on-page engagement, with users spending more time exploring services, portfolios, and testimonials.
    • Lower Bounce Rates: Improved user experience and relevant content contributed to lower bounce rates, indicating that visitors found the website valuable and engaging.
  3. Lead Generation and Conversion:some text
    • Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs): The combination of organic, paid, and social strategies generated a steady stream of MQLs, increasing the potential for new business.
    • Closed Business: The ultimate measure of success was the increase in new business closed. Client ABC reported a significant uptick in new projects and clients directly attributable to their enhanced online presence.

This project existed at the intersection of brand development, web page design, content marketing strategy, and paid advertising. It required a multi-disciplined approach to ensure each critical component created something greater than the sum of their parts for the small business.

By partnering with WD Strategies, Client ABC successfully transformed their online presence, aligning it with their industry leadership and storytelling expertise. The new website, combined with a robust social media strategy, effective SEO, and targeted advertising campaigns, resulted in increased visibility, engagement, and business growth. Client ABC is now well-positioned to continue their success in both the wedding and corporate videography markets.

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