Past Projects

You can learn about past projects that we've completed on behalf of clients. We're able to provide an array of custom solutions. Please note that these projects were designed to meet the specifications of our clients. We can discuss what the right solution looks like for your team!

We also include anecdotal examples that detail the work that goes into projects.

Website Design & Migration

This is an example of a project where we helped a client move their existing content from and existing site that was designed for them to a more modern, mobile-friendly environment that they can manage with ease.




Advanced Web App Design & Integration

Our Team helped the Omnes Team develop its web app signup portal. The work involved the integration of various 3rd part APIs to create a seamless user experience.


Rapid Web & Mobile App Prototyping

We helped this team introduce a preliminary version of their emergency medical app. Within weeks, it was built, tested, and available for download on iOS and Android. The prototype helped the team garner market support and led to early revenue + investor talks. They're still going strong!


Brand Building Strategy & Execution

This team approached us looking for help to leverage their connections on LinkedIn. We developed a branding, content, and engagement strategy that helped them drive awareness over the engagement period. We developed the overarching strategy and came up with a system they could use to effectively implement the work into their routine. You can view the difference in performance here, using the KPIs (key performance indicators) they defined as most important to them.



Marketing Campaign Strategy, Content, & Management

Marketing strategies aren't "one size fits all." You already know this, but the trick is understanding how to figure out what adjustments to make to fit your needs best. With one client, that meant learning how to reach a niche audience with e-commerce ads.

We set up conversion tracking and prepared a series of tests to identify the best-performing audience segment, graphics, and copy for ads on Facebook and Instagram. The result (to date) is a 37% reduction in cost per purchase since the start of the engagement.

Data on a Touch Pad

Improving Online Visibility & Tracking Performance

Improving your site's placement within search results is driven by both the quality of your content and by making technical adjustments. We've helped clients tackle the issue of SEO from both ends by setting up performance tracking tools, analyzing the intelligence they produce, providing content recommendations based on keyword research, and, finally, by taking steps to implement code and adjust metadata for better online visibility.