November 11, 2023

Developing a Cross-Platform Branding Strategy

Developing a Cross-Platform Branding Strategy

Whether you’re just getting started building your business or you’re making efforts to scale, your brand is everything. Developing a...

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Whether you’re just getting started building your business or you’re making efforts to scale, your brand is everything. Developing a brand that your audience connects with is crucial to attracting loyal clients and customers - and a truly effective brand strategy involves more than an eye-catching logo.

Your company’s brand should encapsulate a persona that people will be able to trust, relate to, and communicate with. One of the best ways to develop an engaging brand is through social media, but effectively running a full range of accounts while also staying on top of your SEO strategy can be an overwhelming task. That’s where small business branding agencies like W.D. Strategies can help. We have a range of services to assist in creating a highly effective brand strategy for your company.

Monitor all of your social media channels

The number of social media channels companies must manage in order to build a wide-reaching brand is multiplying each year. Having multiple channels through which customers can contact you is great; the more platforms you use, the wider audience you’ll be able to reach, and the more meaningful connections you can make with that audience. However, juggling all of those channels can get time-consuming and difficult, especially for a small business owner.

building a strong brand identity

Responding to messages and comments in a timely manner is a vital component of reputation management, as it shows your audience that you care about their feedback and are dedicated to improving your product or service. But how can you keep track of each message and comment you receive across an overabundance of platforms?

Working with reputation management agencies is one way to stay on top of it. Using our Business Influence service is a great place to start. Influence integrates all of your channels into one dashboard, where you’ll get a holistic view of how, when and where customers reach out to you. You’ll even be able to automate follow-up actions to appropriate personnel. Influence also allows you to automatically distribute new pieces of content (such as blog posts, videos, newsletters, and more) across all of your channels.

Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization is another essential ingredient of a great branding strategy. Staying up to date on your insights and committing to SEO best practices will ensure that your website and social media channels are getting as much traffic as possible and that your brand is reaching the right audience.

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To continuously improve your business’s SEO, you’ll need to stay on top of two important practices: developing new content regularly and tracking your traffic to evaluate your strategies.

Develop new content

Fresh content for your website will help improve your SEO for several reasons. It increases your website indexing, and Google’s algorithm always prioritizes websites with updated content over those with older postings. That’s why regularly updating your blog is one of the most effective methods for increasing your page rank.

From a branding perspective, new content is also a great way to keep your company’s audience engaged and create a sense of authority and recognition within your industry.

Analyze your traffic

You should always be evaluating your strategies in order to conclude which ones are working best so that you can allocate your resources in the most effective way possible. To effectively evaluate your campaigns and strategies, you need to track your sources of organic traffic, as well as the overall rise and fall of that organic traffic.

Which sources are bringing in the most customers? How can you optimize your strategies in order to bring in even more?

With our Insight reports, you’ll be able to get better answers to these crucial questions. Insight allows you to see all of your analytics on an all-in-one dashboard, along with in-depth analysis of your website’s search visibility, performance, and user behavior.

We also offer ongoing SEO support services. Our team will work with you to enhance your SEO, optimize your website’s content, run advertising campaigns, and interpret data to improve your company’s strategies for greater visibility and increased traffic. That’s why we’re one of DesignRush’s top marketing analytics companies - we’re even on the list of top influencer marketing agencies.

Work with W.D. Strategies to Help Build Your Brand

Building a brand is important, but it’s certainly a lot of work - which is why it’s best to have all the help you can get along the way. If you want to learn how we could help, schedule a free consultation with us today.