April 12, 2024

The Power of Catering to Your Best Fit Customers

The Power of Catering to Your Best Fit Customers

Discover how focusing on best fit customers drives loyalty, reduces CAC, and boosts brand advocacy for sustainable business growth.

Written by

Michael Gavin

Digital Advertising Specialist

When starting your business journey, there’s a good chance you’ve been through the process of building your customer personas. All of those personas are some type of your ideal customer or your ideal customer base. While many think understanding strategy is the key to all success, it really lies in understanding that ideal customers are the backbone of your businesses success. This means recognizing who they are and how they align perfectly with your products and services.Far more valuable than a broad but less compatible customer base, these ideal customers are pivotal in driving your business forward.

Why Focus on Best Fit Customers?

Finding the best fit customer holds a ton of value. When we think of scaling content for example, a ton of companies fear scaling the content will lead to people getting bored and exhausted from the content. However, it stands true that the more content you produce, the more that best fit customer comes back to read. They’ll always have problems that you can solve! How about some more reasons to keep a focus on them?

Higher Value and Loyalty: Kind of keeping on the track of engagement, best fit customers will typically engage more, purchase more, and stay loyal to your brand. They find deep connections with what you offer. In turn, this makes them less price-sensitive and more receptive to new offerings. 

Brand Advocacy: Brands need to develop raving fans. These raving fans begin as best fit customers believe it or not. Their genuine appeal to your business, their enthusiasm for your product, and many more feelings tend to lead to a crazy word of mouth push from them. Those brand advocates become your lifeline of a referral network. 

Feedback and Innovation: Best fit customers are those who give you the best feedback. If you’re looking to target a specific group of people, wouldn’t it make the most sense to adjust your offering based on their feedback? 

Reduced CAC: Cost per acquisition is important. It could make or break your cash flow and any other financial standing. Best fit customers help you limit this and create more cost-effective routes of managing your business. They’re easier to sell to, they require less convincing, and overall reduce the strain of your resources. 

How to Tailor Your Business Strategies for Best Fit Customers

Product Roadmap: It starts with the product roadmap. Your product development should be heavily focused on the needs and preferences of the best fit customer. The features, improvements, and enhancements should fall into place with this group’s expectations. In turn, it’ll improve their user experience and increase the likelihood of a long-term commitment. 

Demand Generation: Marketing efforts should be tailored to this ideal customer. Personalization plays a huge role in this. Using targeted campaigns, personalized messaging, and channels that these best fit customers use the most will be the most effective. Overall, you should see an increase in ROI. 

Sales Strategy: When you tie sales to marketing, or business functions as a whole, its important to identify and prioritize this best fit customer to them too. Develop sales material that helps the group!

Content Creation: One of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign, business objective, sales process, you name it is the production of content that addresses the specific interests and challenges of your best fit customers. This could include things such as blogs, case studies, webinars, and videos that provide value to this group. 

Onboarding: Your onboarding process should also reflect the personalization used everywhere else. The process should fit the needs of your best fit customers so that they’ll realize the full value of your product or service quicker. 

Continuous Engagement: This could be programs, initiatives, or anything aimed at continuously engaging your best fit customers. You could go and add exclusive offers, loyalty programs, or regular check-ins. All of which can keep the customers engaged and feeling value. Maybe you’ll see an uptick in LTV (life-time value). 

Building a Market Position with Super Fans

You can build a strong, differentiated position in the marketplace by focusing on the best fit customers. As mentioned, these customers turn into raving fans, not only driving sales, but also setting you apart from the competition. They become more like living testaments to the value and quality of your offerings, which in turn attracts more like-minded customers. Eventually, you build an ever-going cycle of growth and success. 


Shifting focus to best fit customers isn’t just about targeting a specific market segment or niche. It’s about building your brand and developing a business that peaks the interest of a particular group of people. When you do get these relationships through the door, you build greater loyalty, advocacy, and long-term profitability. By tailoring your product roadmap, building demand generation, aligning sales, scaling content, and adjusting onboarding to fit these customers, you build a business that’s not only successful, but it’s also going to be sustainable long-term. 

When you cater to everyone, you also cater to no one. Focus on the best fit customers and watch the growth engine grow.