February 26, 2024

Welcome to the Neighborhood: Data-Fueled Digital Marketing Opens New Markets for Fast-Growing Home Improvement Company

Welcome to the Neighborhood: Data-Fueled Digital Marketing Opens New Markets for Fast-Growing Home Improvement Company

How do you generate $1.6M in the home improvement industry in 7 weeks? Learn how we helped our client achieve a huge ROAS.

Written by

Krista Chen

Marketing Professional

When one of the nation’s leading home improvement companies wanted to increase sales in new markets rapidly, they turned to the digital marketing experts at WD Strategies.

Leveraging our data-driven multi-channel approach, we helped this client establish their brand, acquire customers, and smash sales goals in targeted neighborhoods. By precisely identifying ideal customer profiles and reaching them across multiple platforms, we empowered this client to achieve over $1.6 million in new sales.

The Challenge: Turbocharging Expansion Into New Regions

Our client, who we’ll refer to as Client XYZ for confidentiality reasons, came to us for help with two primary objectives crucial to their continued national expansion efforts:

  • Establish brand awareness and generate leads within new neighborhoods they were moving into.
  • Improve lead conversion rates turning more prospects into customers.

As one of the fastest-growing home improvement brands in the nation, Client XYZ needed to maintain aggressive sales momentum when launching into new regions. Their existing in-house marketing teams managed mature territories well but lacked specialized expertise in executing data-driven targeted digital campaigns honed to local areas.

They approached our team at W.D. Strategies based on our proven success in orchestrating multi-channel digital marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C regional expansion campaigns. We deployed a combination of Google Ads and hyper-targeted display campaigns through Ring Digital. From there, we embarked on an innovative growth initiative fueling their entry into key new southwestern cities.

Crafting An Ambitious Multi-Channel Digital Blueprint

Working closely with Client XYZ’s executive team to align on goals and ideal customer profiles for priority expansion markets, we mapped out an ambitious digital marketing blueprint.

Key elements of the strategic plan included:

  • Laser-Focused Targeting: Leveraging proprietary data and predictive models, we precisely identified likely homeowners fitting Client XYZ’s ideal customer profile down to the household level. Factors assessed included income brackets, home values, length of residence, and behavioral indicators showing interest/intent signals related to home upgrades or repairs.
  • Personalized Multi-Channel Messaging: Our creative team developed highly customized ads and messaging personalized to resonate with the clearly defined target homeowner profiles for each area. Offers and content spoke directly to their situations.
  • Multi-Platform Distribution: We orchestrated a high-frequency marketing push delivering tailored messaging across multiple digital platforms. Channels included paid search, targeted display ads, social media, native advertising, email, and connected TV.
  • Continuous Optimization: Utilizing advanced campaign analytics and performance indicators, we continually optimized targeting, messaging, and channel mix over the 41-day initiative to increase conversions.

Combined, these core strategies formed an ambitious and highly strategic expansion campaign custom-built to increase Client XYZ’s sales, brand recognition, and market share in critical new regions.

Record-Shattering Performance Surpassing All Benchmarks

The multi-channel targeted digital marketing campaign engineered jointly by WD Strategies and Ring Digital produced phenomenal results surpassing Client XYZ’s expectations:

  • 110 New High-Quality Leads: Our precision targeting and tailored messaging led to an additional 110 sales-qualified leads that converted at very high rates.
  • 23% Lead-to-Sales Conversion Rate: Nearly 1 out of 4 leads generated by the digital expansion initiative were converted into sales by Client XYZ’s team–dramatically higher than their historical baselines. This demonstrates our ability to deliver real valuable leads.
  • $40K Sales from Control Group: As a proof of concept, the small control group used to isolate campaign impact powered an impressive $40,000 in sales.
  • $1.6 Million Total New Sales Volume: Across the entire targeted market area including a control group, the multi-channel campaign drove an incredible $1.6 million in  new sales revenue for Client XYZ over a brief 7-week launch period.
  • Strong Continued Growth: Client XYZ continues to retain WD Strategies and Ring Digital as ongoing franchise marketing partners managing national expansion initiatives into new cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Our teams coordinate closely on targeting, messaging, and budget allocation to fuel aggressive continued growth hitting regional benchmarks.

This tremendously successful expansion initiative provided our client with a powerful proof case quantifying our unique ability to crack new markets quickly and efficiently utilizing data-fueled targeted digital marketing campaigns. We identified valuable customer segments where competitors were falling short and gained wallet share that boosted Client XYZ high above competitors through expert messaging informed by local consumer insights.

The Takeaway: Data-Driven Digital Marketing Drives Measurable Business Growth

Our work orchestrating and optimizing Client XYZ’s regional expansion initiative demonstrates the game-changing competitive advantage offered by precisely targeted, locally relevant data-driven digital marketing campaigns. When done right leveraging real consumer and behavioral insights, these campaigns connect with high-intent audiences and influence their purchasing decisions across channels.

Does your company need to increase sales, leads, brand dominance, and market share within new regions or segments as part of an ambitious growth initiative? Our proven methodology combines goal alignment, multi-channel execution, tailored messaging, and optimization powered by accurate data and intelligence. 

We have experience across categories and verticals developing expansion campaigns that deliver the ROI, revenue growth, and customer acquisition KPIs that aggressive brands require. Let W.D. Strategies architect a data-fueled marketing growth accelerator campaign optimized to your business needs. Contact us for a consultation.