November 6, 2023

How to Make Employees Feel Valued Amidst Digital Advancement

How to Make Employees Feel Valued Amidst Digital Advancement

The forward march of technology and digital transformation is something that no company can avoid. Nor should any company strive to deny...

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The forward march of technology and digital transformation is something that no company can avoid. Nor should any company strive to deny the benefits of incorporating the latest advancements into their workflow. However, robust software and automation can leave some employees feeling less essential and unengaged. It is the responsibility of modern business leaders to find ways to make workers understand their own worth even as many tasks become the domain of sophisticated technology. Here are some ideas from W.D. Strategies to keep in mind as your business undergoes digital transformation.  

This is a guest contribution from writer David Dixon.

Get to Know the Benefits of Digital Transformation

A key concept in digital transformation is using automation tools and technologies to improve business processes. When engaging this kind of transformation, it’s important to employ the best tools for process mining. Process mining enables artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to access the logged information in the software you use to conduct business to model your processes and understand how your business works.

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For companies that are stepping into the frontier of digital transformation for the first time, it is important to know the full extent of how such advancements can benefit a business. Experts list social media and customer support among the top processes to automate. Overall, businesses are likely to see improvements in customer experience, employee productivity, and office-wide productivity as a result of digital advancement. Under the right circumstances, your transformation process can even lead to higher morale among your teams.  

When implemented correctly, technology can accomplish simple tasks and allow people more time to pursue creative pursuits in the workplace. There are even a number of ways that workers can start building a better life balance.

Allow for Remote Work and Flexible Schedules

Digitization eliminates the need for an in-office presence for many tasks and many employees. If there is a possibility for work to be done remotely, companies should allow and encourage it so that workers can enjoy greater control of their schedules.

Remote work cuts out undesirable commute time and gives parents more opportunities to bond with their families. The flexibility that comes with a work-from-home situation also makes it possible for employees to simply reschedule their work in the event of an emergency or personal obligation.

Prioritize Communication

Tasks that incorporate a digital element or automation can be completed more efficiently and with less possibility for error. As a result, employees have less need for collaboration or supervision to get the job done well. These circumstances can be lonely or even breed a sense of disconnect between team members and their company.

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Providing platforms for communication and feedback is more important than ever in the digital age. Installing a centralized communication hub can help remote teams work together better and foster social interactions between coworkers who might otherwise feel left out.

Create New Opportunities for Existing Employees

Employees will feel very concerned if their co-workers are let go because automation replaced them. The most important thing a company can do to make their people feel valued is to guarantee job security. If technology can accomplish an employee’s duties, an effort should be made to create a new role for that person. Business owners must consider what roles can capitalize on an individual’s unique strengths and creativity.  

Businesses of all shapes and sizes stand to benefit from the power and efficiency of modern technological solutions. However, everyone in the workforce must make a concerted effort to put the needs of people first. In a time when digital advancements can accomplish so much, placing talented individuals into the most appropriate positions is more important than ever. When employees can continue to take pride in their work, their environment, and their company as a whole, then leaders can say that they have done their job well.

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