November 11, 2023

Using Data-Driven Methods to Generate Leads & Job Applicants

Using Data-Driven Methods to Generate Leads & Job Applicants

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Business owners and digital marketers have an abundance of information available at their fingertips these days. While this level of access to data can be helpful when utilized in the right ways, it can also be overwhelming - what do you do with all of this information to ensure you’re using it efficiently?

At W.D. Strategies, we believe information becomes intelligence when you learn to effectively identify the key metrics on which to focus and use that information to drive future decisions. This means using effective, data-driven methods to run campaigns in order to drive conversions like inbound leads and job applicants.

We were able to help a client (which we’ll refer to as Company ABC) use data to run a campaign that filled gaps in their workforce. Rather than running campaigns on LinkedIn and other job-search platforms, which had proven to not be the most effective strategy for this company, we built them effective lead-generation campaigns in the places their target audience could actually be found. Here’s how it worked:

The problem

Generating leads and job applicants doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all method. While running campaigns on job-search platforms like LinkedIn can be a great solution for many companies, Company ABC was having trouble finding applicants this way. That’s because they were looking for unskilled labor. This called for a different approach, as these job-search platforms are more commonly utilized by specialized workers.

Company ABC had vacant positions to fill and was having trouble filling them. That’s where we came in to help them by building lead-generation campaigns.

Our solution

The first step to building effective lead-generation campaigns in order to bring in qualified job applicants is to identify where the audience can be found. By conducting market research, we concluded that Company ABC’s target audience was most likely to be found using Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, and Google Display Ads on third party sites and apps such as YouTube.

Before we launched our campaign, we were able to construct a dashboard that offered real-time insights on where each lead was coming from. This meant we didn’t spend a single dime of our marketing budget until we had a mechanism in place to attribute each new applicant. That way, we could properly determine which outlet produced the best return on investment.

We then used the data we gathered from this dashboard to tweak our underperforming campaigns and reallocate our budget to the ones that had proven to be the most effective.

This brought the overall cost per applicant down by approximately 70% by the third month of the campaign from where it started.

You can find an demo example of the dashboard that we used to track campaign performance here:

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The final result

With the help of WD Strategies’ market research and lead-generation campaigns, Company ABC was able to stop taking shots in the dark when it came to finding qualified job applicants. Rather than relying on job-search platforms, we helped them use data to reach their target audience in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

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