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Monthly SEO Blog Posts

SEO blog posts are informative articles optimized with relevant keywords and structured content, aimed at improving a website's search engine rankings and attracting organic traffic by providing valuable insights and solutions related to search engine optimization.

Talk with an Expert

The purpose of the blog posts is twofold: we want to solicit organic interest among potential consumers by introducing new and exciting content on a regular basis (1); and to present Google and other search engines with more data which it can index (2). This continued submission of content to Google’s Search Console helps the platforms' algorithms understand what your website has to offer so your content has a better chance of ranking in organic search results. 

Blog Post KPIs—Google Search Console Performance Impressions and Clicks, URL Rating, Domain Rating, Net Number of Search Results on which your website Appears in the Top-10 Pages 

Our team creates SEO blog content by performing keyword research and running a content gap analysis to identify relevant topics that will help drive organic search engine visibility. Then we outline, draft, and revise the piece so it’s ready to be posted on your website. 

You can learn more about how to track SEO performance in our case study. 

Blogs help, but do not entirely drive SEO performance. A wholistic approach to search engine optimization would also involve running backlinks campaigns, issuing press releases, and editing the page’s underlying metadata. 

We encourage anyone who’s interested in working with us to book a meeting. You’ll get to meet with one of our consultants who can walk you through the process more. You can also reach out to us here with questions.

Creating SEO Blog Content with W.D. Strategies

How Does SEO Blog Content Help?

  1. It keeps your website’s content fresh for both prospective customers and search engine algorithms so they continually keep your site on their radar

  2. You have the opportunity to add long-form content to your site and establish yourself as an authority in the space

Read our blog on Business Intelligence to learn more about how search engine optimization works!

How is Success Measured?

  1. First, does the content add value to the reader? It seems obvious, right? Relevance to the website visitor is sometimes overlooked when discussing search engine optimization. While optimizing for keywords/phrases is important, it means little if the content isn’t helpful to your reader and creates a negative brand experience.

  2. The second key performance indicator is how it impacts your search engine performance. We track the following stats: \n \n

  • The total number of Google Search Console impressions

  • The number of clicks and impressions received by the new blog post

  • Net change in domain rating and URL rating (tracked in Ahrefs)

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